Chucks for Chancho:

‘Chucks for Chancho’ is for my son.  His favorite pair of shoes were black and white Converse.  He wore them every single day doing everything a small child does in a good pair of shoes.  In the end they were dirty, scuffed, worn down, and full of stories.  I started to wear my pair of black and white classic converse in his honor.  It is well-known the nickname for Converse shoes is “Chucks”.  My son’s nickname was given to him early in my pregnancy by my sisters,  “Chancho”.

For what would have been his 4th birthday earlier this year (2011), I wore my ‘chucks’ along with some family.  To my surprise when I arrived at work the following day, my dear friends and co-workers showed their support by also wearing a variety of converse shoes.  I am blessed to be surrounded with unconditional love and support that help me get past the lows.

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A week in our lives

Still playing the 2015 catch up game at Casa Chavez.  Our to do lists are never ending alongside the bazillion hours we work a week.  We cram every second of our day with something to do and it is beneficial yet hazardous at the same time.

Here is this past week in a nutshell

What I consider a bad day at the office… when 3 needles on 3 different machines break, all in the same day!

sewing needles

Optimus patiently waiting for me as I get ready upstairs.  This guy is stuck to me like gum when I’m home with them.

great dane puppy

I adopted a 7 foot long pallet. Its amazing. I cant wait to use it!  The dilemma is: should I keep it intact or take it apart??!  The backlog of DIY projects is starting to weigh heavy on me.  Dangit.

pallet DIY

I try hard to keep up with my other half in the gym.  I’m not in there as much as I wish I was but I do try… the battle to not be chunky is real!  He is in there every single day.  Sometimes twice a day.  eeeek.  Then I remember, “I have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé”…. and I throw my stretchy pants on and lug my bee-hind to the gym.

workout fitness

The shirt is from Support Military Muscle, it reads: Remember Everyone Deployed.  I love this snapshot of him being mid leg lift, especially cus leg lifts are such a Marine thing.  I was taking a break from the not-leg lifts I was doing.

There you have it!  Go out, do something today. Don’t catch yourself being “bored”.

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Operation ‘Organize All The Things’

I LOVE an organized life.  I feel like our home runs smoothly when things are organized and in their place.  We have had our home for 3 years now and have been putting our stamp on the place little by little.

I got some really cool power tools for Christmas and couldn’t wait to put ’em to use!  First on the list was organizing the tools themselves before starting on any new projects.  After searching the ends of the internet and creating a full Pinterest board, we decided on a very purposeful and space saving idea of a garage pegboard storage wall.  I found a very inspiring tutorial at The Creative Exchange which only requires 6 inches of wall depth and can serve countless jobs!!  After figuring out the logistics for our garage wall, we got right to work.

We chose this (wasted) space along side the door that leads to the interior of the house.

photo 11

Following the instructions in the tutorial, we put up the 1 x 2 strips of wood to support the peg boards that were going to go up.

photo 12

I didn’t get very many pics but I promise its the exact same as the way described in the original tutorial.   The peg boards went up FAST and EASY!  The 1 x 6 boards that surround it serve as really good storage for spray paint and all other miscellaneous bottles.

photo 13

We totally underestimated the amount of hooks and baskets we were gonna need, so this project will require 1 more trip to the hardware store before its complete and all the way organized.  Now everything is in view and a reach away. LOVE it!

photo 2

The garage wall took only a few hours and we were left with fuel to keep on organizing.  Since the garage project was more for me, we took on my husband’s massive shoe collection.  He has long wanted shelving for his footwear and we were gonna make it happen!  Off to Ikea we went…

This was our solution using PAX wardrobe.


We even got the fancy slide out drawer trays for ties and watches.  He was just as happy with his closet addition as I was with the garage wall.  In one weekend we were able to tackle 2 major players at the top of our to do list =D

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Ay Dios Mio Mondays

~ Ay Dios Mio Monday posts are for the “holy crap – you’ve gotta be kidding me – shut up – are you serious right now – omg” reactions of the week.  Its in spanish cus that’s how my abuela and mom say it.  My son at one point even started saying it on his own at random times, which was hilarious to hear.  ~


Optimus has entered a major chewing phase.  We went thru the same with Ivy so we are not surprised.  I left them out back while I got ready for work, he took the liberty of telling us we needed new patio furniture cushions by making them disappear.  When I came down to let him back in, I thought it had snowed, nope… just foam everywhere.  Our fault, we shoulda known better… besides its winter, we should have not been lazy and put the darn things away in the shed where they belong.

great dane damage

Another one that hurts to say is also my fault….

under armour

Lets talk about my new (very expensive) Under Armour jacket…Ay dios mio… I made the mistake of putting it on top of his giant crate (while he was in it) and leaving the room.  He then pulled the jacket into the crate and found the zipper to be a nice chewy treat.  I thought I rescued in time, but the top of the zipper is shot.  Luckily the rest of the jacket is good.  Still trying to figure out how in the world I’m gonna repair it.

As responsible Great Dane owners we are well aware of the good and bad that comes with having a giant breed. Anyone considering owning one should be prepared cus a teething chihuahua has got nothing on a Dane puppy. Hide yo shoes, hide yo cushions, and definitely your brand new Under Armour jacket… ay dios mio Optimus.

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January Blues

There is a period of the year I dread.   Starting around Thanksgiving til Jan 10th, I am completely useless.  Although my useless-ness has gradually improved over the last 5 years, I still visit the bitter and guilt filled rut at the bottom of  this roller coaster we call our lives.  Everyone is walking around all chipper for the holidays singing Christmas carols and stuffing their faces with yummy holiday foods.  While I just want it all to go away.  Its not until mid January that the fog clears and I can do things at 100%.  I don’t look for pity.  It’s just a process I am started to accept as a childless mother.

photo 4

As a sign of support, our friends started wearing their Converse shoes with us on my boy’s Birthday and Angel day.  It’s  become a semi-annual event and something I am unbelievably grateful for.  Here is a snapshot of the outpouring of support for this month’s Angel day….

photo 6photo 7 photo 8 photo 5

photo 9(the mint chucks are my fav, they get a second cameo).

This was the first year we stayed home for the week of Jan 10th.  In the past we got away to distract ourselves in another place.  Away from where the quiet can get too quiet and the darkness too big.  But this year we laid around watching Netflix all day and ordered pizza.

The pups knew we needed extra love and wouldn’t leave our side.


In the spirit of ‘keeping it real’, this is what our lives are like.  For us the “New Year” doesn’t actually start until January 11th, once we’ve made it past the 10th.  We preoccupy ourselves thru ought the year with any and everything to fill our time, but sometimes it sucks.  We don’t have it all put together.  No one does.   I’m not close to God.  We have a complicated relationship, but I pray for patience.  I am thankful for the love in my life.  I wish for peace in my heart.  I look for understanding this path that has been laid in front of us.  I admire my husband for every ounce of strength he gives me.

Sappy stuff over.

We started tackling some projects around the house and I look forward to sharing all the details.  Also have some new crochet and sewing projects on the to do list.  My goal is to share what our life is really like as we try to get through it, without trying to disguise it with filters.  #keepingitreal2015

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UPcycle – Entry Way Table

FINALLY!  After more than 1 year of searching for the perfect entry way “table”… I found it!

Remember this progress pic of the entryway?

door divider

I had a vision for this super tiny area next to the front door.  The amount of time and energy I’ve spent on this corner is a little much, but if I’m gonna look at it everyday it better be good.

I hit up my go to treasure hunting store Restore and Rework in Castro Valley.  This place is amazing!  Inspiration is everywhere.

thrift store

Cisco the owner is very helpful in brainstorming ideas and will even modify and paint pieces for you!  I left there with one of the best hauls ever.

This is the new and improved entry:

thrify entry way

I’m crazy excited about the vintage suitcase stool combo! The suitcase top is sturdy and flat enough to act as a table top.  (not to mention there is storage on the inside of the suitcase!) The stool gives the exact height I was looking for.  It all comes together perfectly under the rescued mirror.  As you can see the tag is still on the stool as I was too excited to put it all together.  I’ve since cleaned it all up and removed the tags.  Just when I thought I was done with this area…. I’ve convinced myself I should paint the walls white… sigh.  I know, I know… I just painted.  This space lacks natural light and is dark year round. Everything will look so much better with lightened up walls.  Plus all of these little gems will stand out so much more.  Stay tuned for that painting party.


Puppy Chronicles

The pups have been extra loving recently.  They sense every mood change.  Sometimes I feel like we ask too much of them.  In return I spoil the crap outta them.

Optimus sleeps the night away in his comfy crate, and he loves it.  We’ve got a routine in the morning to let him up on the bed.  This results in him letting us sleep in a little longer as well as some awesome cuddles.  Luckily we have a King size bed, but that might not be enough room pretty soon as he is getting gigantic.  Anyone who has owned a Dane knows the struggle is real.  This was my view when I tried to sneak out of the bed this morning.

photo 3

As Ivy was nice and cozy curled up at the foot of the bed, he was crushing me.  There is not one ounce of gracefulness in this guys body.  I heart them so hard.

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2015 – Keepin’ it Real

Cleaning up the dust and cobwebs off this little blog.  Wish I had exciting news to justify my absence, I don’t.  But, I’m back.  Hi.  After throwing myself several pity parties the last couple months I’m ready to get back to  sharing my stories.

Even though I have not been active here…. I have been creeping countless other blogs, instagrams, and Facebooks.  Oohing and aahing at their perfectly photographed lives. Lets be honest, the way we present ourselves on social media doesn’t always tell the whole story.  There is so much pressure to have this put together life with the clean house, well dressed kids, slender figure, and trendy wardrobe… all to show off to complete strangers?  Nah.  No ones life is perfect, even if their Instagram says so.

I’ve decided to start the new year by keepin’ it real.  So here is some real stuff about me:

  • I wear my long hair up in a ponytail/bun almost every day.  I would rather spend an hour on something more productive than on my hair.
  • I don’t wear a lot of jewelry.  Side effect of having been in the Military
  • My favorite color is purple… dark eggplant-y purple.
  • I suck at social situations that require talking to people, especially strangers.
  • I hardly ever leave the house without my (tastefully) drawn in eyebrows.
  • My self esteem is very much intact and untouchable by size 0 models.
  • I am short in height. Very short. 5 foot nothing short.
  • I talk to my dogs like they are people.
  • Thai food is my favorite.
  • I’m not a morning person.
  • I love to make things with my hands.
  • I am terrible at bowling

Me in a nutshell.

Now time to put my big girl pants back on and get to creating the life I want to live.   My to do list is crazy long.  Cant wait to show you what we have planned.


Puppy Chronicles

Remember Optimus the latest addition to our little family?  He will be 7 months next week and growing like a weed.

This was our Christmas.  Ivy is a scrooge, just like me. Optimus loves holidays.

great dane puppy

His face has healed really well from his puppy auto immune disease.  His scars are blending in more and more as he grows.  As you can see, these two are inseparable.

great dane

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Police Baby Photo Prop Set and Puppy Growth Spurts

The last several weeks have been extremely busy and stressful.  Feel like we are being pulled a million different directions with all we have going on.  Luckily we have a few constants in our lives:  work, crafting, and Great Dane adventures.  I will do my best to get back to blogging and decorating.

Im too excited about one of my latest commissions not to share it with the world.  A police hat and diaper set were requested by a dad for his newborn son, here is the finished result:

crochet police photo propits uhhhh-mazing!  I pride myself in attention to detail and this pretty much says it all.

 If you are looking to tackle a crochet project like this one check out Sunset Crochet pattern for the police hat which can be purchased hereI used this pattern for the diaper cover.  I freestyled the tiny “handcuffs”.


Puppy Chronicles

Here we are at 15 weeks, Optimus is growing like a weed now that he is off all his medications and no longer has his leg in a cast.

fawn great dane puppy

It’s amazing to see them grow at this age.  Ivy is extremely tolerant and patient with him.  If they aren’t playing or following me around they are sleeping.  As you can see Optimus still has to learn all of his manners.

great dane sleeping

I will keep the puppy updates coming!

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